Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Weight lifting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Weight lifting - Essay Example Most gyms do have at least the very basic strength training tools to enable their subscribers engage in a well balanced fitness schedule. As per medical and fitness experts, people who include strength training in their fitness schedule do reap a variety of health benefits. It is a reality that as people age, they start losing muscle mass with time. This compensates their overall stamina and energy levels. Strength training is one sure way to gain muscle mass even during mature years and to maintain a youthful posture and body tone (Komaroff, 2014). It is known to positively aid body mechanics. Besides, optimal levels of muscle mass and strength helps people remain energetic and it improves their capacity for work and sports (Komaroff, 2014). Aged people who practice strength training are more likely to retain physical balance and stability even during mature years (Komaroff, 2014). Besides, strength training also improves pumping capacity of heart and helps people maintain healthy blood pressure (Anderson, 2005). It is also known that improvements in muscle mass and strength facilitated by strength training exercises does quicken body’s metabolic rate and help people maintain a healthy body weight by burning more calories (Anderson, 2005). Above all, strength training has especially been found to be of immense relevance to women, who are more vulnerable to osteoporosis as compared to men. Inactivity is known to dilute bone density, thereby leading to heightened risk of osteoporosis. Consequently, engaging in regular strength training is known to improve bone density and reduce chances of osteoporosis and brittle bones (Anderson, 2005). The benefits of strength training do not stop here. Moreover, strength training has also been found to improve immunity and body’s ability to fight against diseases. It also decreases

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