Saturday, October 5, 2019

Operation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Operation Management - Essay Example The Assemble to Order products are really not prevalent in this category. These products include dustbin, laundry powder, floor sweeper, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, trash cans etc. These products are available on the shelves as Make to Stock products only except for special cases. Drapery, curtains and linen are the furnishings. An Assemble to order approach would be the best for these items where clothes are bought from the market while a tailor is employed for stitching as per the dimensions of the house. Hardwares comprise of handles, channels, rods, locks and holdbacks. These products are available as Make to Stock products and it doesn’t make sense to go for other manufacturing strategies unless special requirements have to be met. Brooms, ladders, cupboards and mops are a part of this group. This is a group of items where all 3 manufacturing strategies can be used. Ladders and cupboards can be designed through all 3 strategies while brooms and mops are best to buy as Make to Stock products. Sources of lighting and fans are available in the market. However, they have to be customized according to specific needs. So Make to Stock and Assemble to Order strategies could work here. For example, Air coolers are designed using Assemble to Order strategy many times. Modular kitchens are the norm of the day. These are designed using Make to order manufacturing. However, several accessories such as faucets, taps, crockery stand and others are available as Make to Stock products. The idols can be in form of metal, stone, wood or photo frames. While most people go for readymade idols some may actually decide to build an idol on wall in stone i.e. they may go for make to order

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