Monday, October 7, 2019

Puig's 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' Is Seducing the Reader Essay

Puig's 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' Is Seducing the Reader - Essay Example The descriptions of the movies are interrupted with men clarifying their attitudes and relationships. Though it may seem boring from the very beginning, the reader suddenly understands, that he has been led away by the author - as soon as he is involved into the next narration, Puig makes a theatrical gesture: it is high time for the prisoners to have a sleep, and thus the only thing left for us is to wait for the next part of the story. But the main line of seduction lies in the urge to discuss the questions of sex, homosexuality, which are directly related to the issues of morality. By describing the two men having sexual relations, Puig deconstructs the superiority of everything feminine in the world. As Valentine says, 'when it comes to our relationship.... We could make any damn thing out of it we want; our relationship isn't pressured since outside of this cell we may have our oppressors, yes, but not inside. Here no one oppresses the other' (p. 202), which shows the main deconstruction of the male behavior by Puig. In this way the author as if seduces us to think, that probably there is nothing immoral in homosexual relations between the two men, and that probably such relations have the right to exist, but here the question of morality comes into the conflict.

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