Friday, October 18, 2019

The case study of focused scenario#3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The of focused scenario#3 - Case Study Example Pt enjoys gardening, volunteers at the local library for 4 hrs. each wk. and teaches a Sunday school class at her church. During the subjective history taking, the headaches experienced by the patient is to be assessed for the quality (deep or superficial, localized or radiating, aching, throbbing, sharp, shooting, burning) and intensity (subjective pain scale) Location or path is also important to ask, especially if the headache is of radiating type. Any medications taken should also be noted. As for the "funny sensation" on the patient's extremities, the onset and character should be assessed as well as any accompanying numbness on the affected areas. Physical to the head, diseases such as stroke, meningitis and encephalitis are important to ask in the Past Medical History Family History should be more thorough and note the presence of any hereditary neurologic disease, mental retardation, epilepsy or seizure disorder, weakness or gait disorders and metabolic disorders such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus (Seidel,, 2006). Since the patient does gardening, it is important to ask the patien t for exposure to insecticides, organic solvents and other gardening chemicals. Use of alcohol and drugs should also be asked. patient's complaints are neurologic.

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