Friday, October 18, 2019

Psalms Team Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Psalms Team Analysis - Essay Example The other category is the praise and thanksgiving Psalms. As the name suggests it is normally used when people are thanking God and praising Him for the good deeds that he has done unto them. It is normally used when thanking God after a blessing or a good deed. Another category is that of the Hymn psalms. They are normally divided into Creation Hymns and Divine Kingship.. They are normally used to recognize the majestic Power of God. They were used to describe the relationship at existed etween he Israelites and God. This type of psalm is best used when praising God and acknowledging that he is Lord and the God of all Gods. His powers are above all and he should be worshipped by all. There is another category of Trust psalms. These are normally used when one is facing a certain trial or tribulation. An individual or a group asks for divine intervention from God. Royal psalms on he other hand is a category that was used or rather directed to the kings. They were used to guide and praise the kings who ruled over the people. Wisdom psalsms were designed for guiding or rather offering techings. They are mostly applicable when one wants to learn more about the word of

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