Friday, October 18, 2019

Evaluation Of Personality Type Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Evaluation Of Personality Type - Assignment Example With regards to my Type A/B personality assessment, my score of 132 makes me a type A+ personality type, which makes me highly ambitious, sensitive, status-conscious, organized, impatient, proactive, anxious, and time conscious. This can be deduced from my scores that show that I am never late, very competitive, fast, tend to sit on my feelings, and have few interests away from my task. On my procrastination assessment, my score of 25 shows that I am an occasional procrastinator as some situations at one point or the other trigger procrastination. Some of the reasons for occasional procrastination include occasional emotional preoccupation that may make me lose my drive and not want to take on any more physical or mental load. However, this procrastination does not last long and disappears as soon as the triggering events dissipate. Considering my Enneagram scores, I am a type 7, which makes me spontaneous, scattered, acquisitive, and versatile. This gives me the tendency to occupy m yself with exciting options and possibilities that give me anticipation and distract me from my fears. Finally, I am an afternoon person, which means that I prefer to be out and about when other people are, and I do not function optimally during late nights or early mornings.Working with OthersWhen working in a group, my Type A+ personality type makes me want my teammates to get to the point quickly, while I would also be very concerned with time management and expect my teammates to be as high-achieving as possible.

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