Friday, September 13, 2019

Protecting the Human Rights of Immigrants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Protecting the Human Rights of Immigrants - Essay Example Immigrants come voluntarily to any nation. In fact, they often go to extreme economic hardship in order to immigrate to their country of choice. There is no homogenization among nations concerning visas, work permits and residency rules, much fewer immigration rules. Unless there is an incentive to creating and enforcing these rules, there is no way to impose or enforce compliance internationally, neither should there be. As a global group, there is very little that even the major nations can agree upon. There is even less than any group of nations would have the right to impose. The definition of what universal human rights are is anything but universal. Even if we could come to a vague agreement upon which rights should be universal, the degree to which any such rights are enforced could not be imposed. Therefore, authorities would be able to achieve individuality by the simple difference of application. The right to freedom from illegal imprisonment is one right that is close to being acceptable internationally. However, across the globe, there are main differences concerning the cultural focus of law. There is individual centred and group centred, That is, in some nations, such as America, the rights of the individual often take precedence over the rights of the group, except where so doing would violate more important rights. However, in China, the rights of the group are considered paramount about individual rights. So imprisonment of one individual is considered better than allowing that individual to interfere with the lives of the group in any way. T herefore, China jails dissenters or removes them from the area where they have â€Å"caused trouble†. Individual freedom of speech is less important than the group freedom from disturbance. So, protecting the rights of immigrants becomes even more difficult globally. One issue is women’s rights. American women take it as a given that a woman should have the right to dress any way she likes, as long as it is not publically lewd or insulting.  Ã‚  

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