Friday, September 13, 2019

Biodiversity Loss and Extinction

Loss of biodiversity and loss of extinction Biodiversity can cause extinction and harm to human lives. We are responsible for environmental consideration. We introduced a machine that destroys the environment and destroys the life of animals. We need to limit the land and resources we consume. There are several major problems that cause seeds to die out and cause our way of life to be compromised. Other animals may also affect the change in the food chain. Many of the problems of biodiversity loss are due to the interaction between humans and the environment. Statements concerning animal agriculture as a major factor in the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species have received numerous discussions and interviews with the major authors and scientists working on the Convention on Biological Diversity and IUCN and the Millennium Ecosystem Support of publications on current biodiversity assessment proposed in the evaluation. , IUCN Red List, and prospects for global environmen t and biodiversity. As of August 2012, the assessment of world species in 2004 is the latest empirical data on global extinction rates based on birds, mammals and amphibians. Dr. Oppenlander and Dr. Simon Stuart, Interview with the International Committee Chair for Conservation of Nature Conservation Species: Main factors of loss of biodiversity: threat to cause loss of biodiversity / cause evolution of biodiversity loss / natural process of species / aging of ecosystem natural climate change / global warming invasive species / biodiversity of driver The loss is beyond its initial distribution range. Explanation of loss of biodiversity due to overfishing / abuse pollution / inadequate nutrient loading of ecosystems Direct cause direct explanation Explain the cause of basic biodiversity loss with indirect dynamics / Background rate of loss of biodiversity / where is the intruder responsible for reducing the historical proportion of species extinction? Invasive invasive range of invas ive alien species in your country

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