Thursday, September 12, 2019

Behaviorally based expectations for responsible student behavior Essay

Behaviorally based expectations for responsible student behavior outside the classroom, directly supervised by a teacher - Essay Example 1.) Use of learning centers/or computer stations a.) Students will follow instructions. – Students will be able to use the learning center/computer station effectively, in orderly manner. b.) Students will leave my place clean. – This will help students maintain the computer stations/learning center. c.) Students will ask assistance when needed. – This will allow students use the learning center/computer station with ease. Implementation of A: A note of instruction and proper use of the leaning center/computer stations is visibly posted in the room. 2.) Student attention/participation during teacher led activities a.) Students will be resilient. – Student will develop the sense of flexibility in every situation in the activities. b.) Students will be respectful. – Being courteous, students will gain respect in return from their peers. c.) Students will know how and when to assert oneself. – This will allow an organized activity, without disorder. Implementation of C: Students are required to raise their hands and wait for teacher’s selection. 3.) Playground time and /or recess a.) Students will be an active participant. – This gives an opportunity for students to show their abilities.

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