Monday, September 9, 2019

Marketing Strategies Implementation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Marketing Strategies Implementation - Assignment Example The present research study endeavours to produce ways to implement marketing strategies for British Sugar. British Sugar was founded almost 100 years back. Today the company can boast about being one of the leading sugar producers in the United Kingdom. The company is into several types of products like sugar, aggregate, animal feed, bio ethanol, electricity, food centre, tomatoes, TOPSOIL, and LimeX. 2.0 Identification and prioritization of the current issues and challenges 2.1 Industry as a whole The sugar production industry sourced the raw materials over the past five years. United Kingdom is highly dependent upon the global sugar market. This kind of over dependency on the global sugar market, makes the UK sugar market susceptible to huge fluctuations in production, supply, and other factors like the weather conditions and the prices in the internal sugar market (Armstrong and Schultz, 1992). United Kingdom was slow to realize that the sugar industries need to have some kind of reform. This is the reason the sugar reform happened after much delay, as late as 2006. This reform which is supposed to create facilities for the sugar market has in turn created a lot of problems, like imposing various kinds of quotas, various kinds of import tariffs and export tariffs. The imposition of the various tariffs has created a lot of problems (Brown and Dant, 2009). For example the companies which are small in size and also do not have very high turnover have problems paying innumerable tariffs. This adds to the production cost of the companies. Statistics indicate that the production of the sugar beet has fallen sharply across the whole of European Union. For this reason a lot of states in UK have decided to substitute beet sugar for ethanol and other kind of bio fuels. Despite the fact that the sugar industry is experiencing increasing pressure to keep the costs of production as low as possible together, compounded with dwindling profit margin, the sugar business stil l remains as one of the most vibrant business in UK (Day and Montgomery, 1999). 2.2 The current market position The UK sugar market excluding artificial sweeteners, but including sugar and spice is dominated by two firms which are British Sugar and Tate & Lyle. These two firms have a combined market share of 75%. This indicates that the national sugar market is highly concentrated. Although the overall sugar market of Europe is not as concentrated as United Kingdom (Dillon, 2001). The very high concentration is due to the strict regulatory reforms that increased the tariffs, which in turn has decreased the competition. Unlike the other competitor companies like Ab Sugar, the company alone has the privilege of holding the whole quota of the European Union. British Sugar alone caters to a market which is larger than the market served by the rest of the competitors in all respects. This explains that British Sugar is in a better position compared to competitors in terms of exposure to market. Unlike the competitor like Tate & Lyle and different smaller companies which resort

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