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Principles of Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Principles of Project Management - Essay Example Consideration of the research works of Rad & Levin (2006) reveals the fact that project management should not be viewed as ad-hoc process rather issues like internal communication within organization, ethical dilemma among project team members regarding project deliverables, leadership of project manager, knowledge sharing etc significantly impact project management methodologies. In such context, Melbourne (2003) stated that project managers play vital role in managing not only system aspect of the project management but also control the effect of the above mentioned issues. In simple word, certain level of skill attributes and competencies are required of a project manager in order to deliver successful project outcomes to client. It is evident from the arguments of above mentioned research scholars that success of project management significantly depends on people management, integration of organizational structure, development of communication model, ethics etc while certain leve l of skill and capabilities of project manager is needed in order to achieve project deliverables. ... analyzing duration of the project, budget estimation, developing draft of the project deliverables, planning, implementing the project plan, controlling the irregularities and finally closing the approach. Winch et al (2012) also argued that significant amount of symmetry exists between projects based management and organisational change process. However, Parker and Craig (2008) argued that project management can be temporary phase of the change management approach but it cannot be considered as robust measure of change process. For example, Parker and Craig (2008) and Parker et al. (2012) gave example of IT projects, construction projects where teams are being formed in accordance with client deliverables and project requirements and such teams are being dismantled after fulfilment of project objectives. At this point, a pertinent question may arise that whether people management is a temporary aspect in project management or not? To answer this question, the researcher will conside r the research works of Eve (2007) which was designed for highlighting the importance of organizational factors in project management. Although, teams are being formed in temporary basis during a particular project but without people management, it becomes difficult for project leaders to achieve project objectives. Eve (2007) conducted research on project management data of companies like AT&T, Hewlett Packard, GM and IBM and found that companies use Project Management Maturity models (PMMM) to synchronize the organizational aspects with mechanical framework of project management. Korbel and Benedict (2007) gave system definition of Project Management Maturity models (PMMM) which focuses more on benchmarking of performance and delivering value to customers. People play the role of

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