Thursday, July 25, 2019

Life Science Reflections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Life Science Reflections - Essay Example It is different when we understand the science of life. Through it, we see the relationship of life within and without them and all needing each other to support and sustain life. By studying life science, I understood that all lives are interrelated. This relationship is not limited to lives other species but also to the internal mechanism within the body of each living organism. Within it, there is a universe of functions that make an organism breathe, move, fly, walk and any other function associated with life. Life science also makes me appreciate nature more. By understanding how the birds fly and how the fish able to stay underwater makes me wonder about the life mechanism that makes them do these things. I also understand that the forest is not just a bunch of trees but a collection of life that needs each other to live and thrive. I also learn that they are better off on their own as nature have its own way of taking care of its own. I also realized that we humans are in fact the biggest threat to lives other than ourselves. Corollary to this, I fully understood what ecosystem is really all about. I realized that it is not just the interrelationship of lives in nature that needs each other survive. It is a principle of creating the ideal environment that sustains life and activity. It tells us human beings not to disrupt them because each creature, each life is important for the entire cycle of life to exist. This principle can even be applied to our lives of not disrupting the ecosystem that makes us thrive. Through the understanding of life science, I also learn how to become more respectful of life and how take care of life more. I saw their strength and their weakness as well. They can be fragile when abused but can quite be resilient when left on their own. I also learned that nature has its own way of healing itself. I also learned that

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