Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ecological Ethics, Anissa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ecological Ethics, Anissa - Essay Example The essay points out that Taylor would have said species and matter are vital due to the fact that we need to have respect for nature. I also agree with the idea that man is part of nature and ethics as extending to the whole biotic community. This is regarded as the only view that actually incorporates the biotic community and the land and atmosphere are indispensable to the continuation processes of natural selection and evolution. It has been found that a collective approach intuitively unveils the underworking conditions and webs that actually keep us interdependent and connected. Besides it is very beneficial to be able to economically quantify the values of environmental surrounding. However, the opinion provided by Meadows is a little bit redundant. He claims that in the anthropocentric value system, humans are the fundamental focus of value. On the other hand, Russow brings back the discussion of one individual versus whole. Russow’s standpoint is that we value and protect animals just because of their aesthetic value. I also agree with the author that species matter more than just for the aesthetic value of their individual members. I may add that aesthetics is regarded as a philosophical category, and therefore, every human being across the globe has his own opinion what to consider as aesthetic. Besides, every culture has different perceptions on aesthetic values. What Western civilization regards as beautiful African or Asian cultures would consider as ugly (Carter, 2010). In my opinion, the intrinsic values of species are actually dependent on biodiversity. There are numerous reasons that justify the existence of species. For instance, reductions in biodiversity result to the ecosystem functioning negatively. We should not treat animals differently just because they are not humans. This is because the fact that whether to consider a being a member or not of a species is not morally right. This

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