Sunday, July 28, 2019

Deviant Globalization in the Movie Syriana Essay

Deviant Globalization in the Movie Syriana - Essay Example Deviant globalization in this context can be seen as not only an economic concept but also a legal and moral one. Mainly since, it progresses at the regulatory and ethical intersections and majorly also exhibited in the inefficiencies of the law enforcements. In this understanding, the arbitrage occurs wherever there is any disagreement on what is considered right in relation to the global markets, it is in such cases that the unscrupulous deviant entrepreneurs fill the gap or meet the demands. It has been proved the processes for deviant globalization often occur in direct contrast to the current global legitimate governing systems. Organ trading, Smuggling, transnational crimes, and drug trafficking have always been existent, but in tandem with the economies and integration markets they have become more globalized in nature. The structure of the global economy is not equi-growth distribution designed. Where there are arbitrages and market failures options, of opportunistic behavior s will affect the incredibly fast growing deviant economies by driving them off balance (Ali, Awdini & Adan, 2009). The people most affected by the deviant behaviors are the governments that have not yet realized that the deviance exhibited in their economies are features that are permanent in globalized nations. ; in that, they are neither to be eliminated or irritant but instead be properly managed through enforced laws and framework regulations. The effects of deviance in globalization can be seen by the way it affects traditional national structures by tearing down and allowing mostly illegal actors to come in and control the created void. Once it has professionalized a deviant industry crack down would only add to promoting unchecked rule and innovation of heir underground enterprises that if unchecked would eventually overwhelm the legitimate countries economy (Pires, 2012). Ignoring the indulgence of locally specified moral codes by policymakers is one way that they can addre ss the deviant globalization issue, since the current policies provide ways for bad actors to take advantage of arbitrages. Having a critical look at their real options policy makers can make better choices. They cannot globalize/universalize both the enforcement capacity/regulations and the underlying moral principle. They will have to either accept that the uneven efforts of imposing them are more likely to lead to profit the illegal traders who through the moral arbitration can take undue advantage or consider putting aside moral principles. Another solution would be on the analysts who view and treat the deviant globalization as a problem that involves the system, in this way they can create varied options for managing its effects, for example through making deviant globalization less harmful and practically speaking about it. They can also encourage the deviant actors or entrepreneurs to exist, as a line of business example requires understanding the local political and legal c onditions. Syriana as seen in the above explanation of deviant globalization helps outline these facts by relating its narrative to current global events while maintaining a position that is non-political. This is done through adopting a multi-perspective approach like intersecting ensemble structure to highlight valid yet competing points on politics on oil, and deliberately impartial tone adoption by the film shown through plot devices and techniques in styles the issue is well addressed. The narrative of the character Bennet Holiday is an example of how the U.S views the oil issue in that it shows the Connex-Killen members argument on why

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