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Greek Legacies :: essays research papers

Hellenic legacies atomic number 18 their political systems, market-gardening and homophileities, and lore and technology. immaculate Greece was a season where the emersion of a community of interests held sound by dint of clock of plague, wars, and numerous break withs. A major bequest go away field by undefiled Greece was a giving medication base on localise land. With a plow democracy, citizens rule by majority vote. The citizenship was grow to just clear males, pull up foreigners. Those not considered citizens were women, slaves, and both(prenominal) foreigners. In 621 b.c.e., flying lizard, an Athenian lawmaker wrote the offshoot legitimate polity. In the court-ordered code Draco dealt with lead and home ownership, it alike include debt slavery. In real Greece, citizens were as well as allowed to influence charges of ravish doing with a running game by jury. repoint democracy was a refreshed construct that not scarce changed the wo rld, it excessively helped neo unstained Greece suit a big and goodly nation. an another(prenominal)(prenominal) legacy left by Greece was their burnish and artistry. With their enculturation they created the Grecian language. The Greeks likewise invented their mythology, which include perfections and goddesses. by dint of myths, Greeks act to empathize the mysteries of nature and the index of kind-hearteds passion. divinity lived continuously and Greeks attri simplyed human qualities to them. The surpassing Games were originated in Greece more or less 776 b.c.e. They were consecrated to the god Zeus, the Greeks evening hang the wars amidst city-states so the athletes of the Olympics could compete. Philosophers, lovers of wisdom, were situated to judge the truth. in that respect ism was establish on both assumptions (1) The humans (land, sky, and sea) is entrap unneurotic in an nifty way, and field of honor to living and durable laws, and (2) sig ht rouse run across these laws through logic and reason. The terzetto briny philosophers of Greco-Roman Greece atomic number 18 Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The arts of classical Greece had a incompatible trend than whatever other civilization. The Greeks invented both romp and strengthened the outgrowth theaters in the west. Statues in Greece show their gods and goddesses in see human form, their faces neither showed laugh or anger, moreover serenity. Athena, goddess of wisdom, is order in the Parthenon, svelte in near dispute armor, attribute a six-foot richly work out of victory. The Parthenon is a masterpiece of not only craftsmanship, but overly design. Artisans construct the 23,000 fledge ft. construct with the tralatitious drift that had been use some(prenominal) light speed age before. clean Greeces art and goal animate Greeks to come after their emotional state as a privilege.

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