Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Secret to Creation Essay Example for Free

The Secret to Creation Essay The famous genius, scholar, and life scientist Victor Frankenstein already died shortly after he was rescued by Captain Robert Walton in the middle of North Pole. The remains of Dr. Frankenstein lie at his wake inside the ship of Capt. Walton. It is reported that during the wake of the famous life scientist, a creature was seen by Capt. Walton. The said creature is believed to be made by Dr. Frankenstein himself as an effort to discover the secret of creation of living things. The creature is greenish in color, eight-feet tall, resembles the feature of a human, but is extremely hideous in appearance. It told Capt. Walton of the remorse and solitude that he felt upon his creator’s death. The monster went to the North Pole and planned to kill himself because, according to him, he is of no value anymore. Capt. Walton retold Dr. Frankenstein’s account to the local investigator and attested that the culprit in the past murders that happened in the Frankenstein’s family is the monster Surname 2 itself. The death of Dr. Frankenstein’s brother, William Frankenstein,in Geneva, the death of Dr. Frankenstein’s best friend, Henry Clerval, and the death of Elizabeth Frankenstein, wife of Dr. Frankenstein, are done by the monster out of anger towards his creator. Because of the deaths of his loved ones, Dr. Frankenstein followed the monster that he created to get his revenge. However, Dr. Frankenstein was trapped in the floating iceberg where he was rescued by Capt. Walton. Dr. Frankenstein grew up at Geneva and studied natural philosophy and chemistry at Ingoldstadt University. He pursued on researching the secret of life and was successful in finding out how the main element that gives life to a person. He completed his research by creating a monster in his apartment one evening. Unfortunately, Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t able to pass the knowledge about the secret of life that he discovered. Upon his death, this secret will be buried with him and will continue to be a mystery in the human race.

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