Monday, August 12, 2019

Personnel Resourcing & Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personnel Resourcing & Development - Assignment Example This would help the company take into account the various aspects of the external environment that can impact the organization (Kay, 2010, p.23). In any organization human resources are the most valuable assets for any organization and the success of an organization is heavily dependent upon the management of these vital resources of the organization. The key components of Human Recourse Planning include the following: Proper planning of these vital aspects can help any firm take advantage of the opportunities and generate competitive advantage. In case of Advanced Technical Resourcing the proprieties would be to bring in a change management that would involve a change in all of the above elements so as to make it a preferred organization for prospective employees. Resourcing is one of the most crucial steps in the human resource management of an organization. Resourcing includes employee hiring as well as fitting an employee into the overall organization by ensuring a job fit that involves a matching of a person’s abilities with the requirements of an organization. In case of Advanced Technical Resourcing discussed in the case it is important to have specialised persons as otherwise it would result in employee dissatisfaction that could impact the overall productivity of the organization. Finding a good job matching is very critical to the success of the organization (Taylor, 2005, p.5-6). In order to induce motivation employees must be motivated about their jobs so that they view their tasks as responsibilities and not just activities. In order to do this it is necessary for business organizations to ensure career development as well as a reward mechanism to rightfully reward the deserving employees. In case of Advanced Technical Resourcing regard there should be a fair appraisal of the employees strictly based on performance. In the context of the

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