Friday, August 23, 2019

Middle eastern humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Middle eastern humanities - Essay Example It is, therefore, paramount to consider the similarities and differences of the culinary traditions of the delegation from the Middle East before setting up the banquet. Middle East cooking uses generously herbs and spices. The cooks must apply various aromatics and spices in their cooking. Another characteristic of Middle Eastern cooking is the use of skewer cooking (Heine, 75). Middle Eastern cooks prefer skewer cooking to charcoal. The cooks should not use charcoal in line with this tradition. Slowly simmering the foods in unglazed covered pots is another cooking method that the cooks should consider. The banquet should consist of food types that are common among the countries of the visiting delegation. The banquet should consist of rice, wheat and stuffed vegetables dishes. In addition, the cooks should serve omelets, meatballs and scented rice puddings. The cooks should wrap the pies using paper-thin pastry. The pastries should also be nut-filled. Other food types required are fritters soaked in syrup and chopped pistachios served with almonds. Chickpeas served with spinach is a common food combination in the Middle East that must be served at the banquet. The major categories of cooking styles in the Middle East are Turkish, Arab, Iranian as well as North African. Turkish cooking is the most diverse. However, Turkish meal consists of a standard menu of meat and appetizers. Ozan (4) states that the Turkish cooking is sometimes called ‘saray’ cooking. Offering the Turkish cuisine would be good for the visiting delegation due to the popularity of this cuisine. The cuisine should consist of various types of kebab dishes, aubergine and a rice dish prepared with fish. Pastry served with meat or potatoes would also be an ideal meal. Drinks are an important accompaniment of the Turkish cuisine (Ozan, 134). The cooks should serve Turkish coffee and

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