Saturday, August 3, 2019

Determinist Theory Essay -- Psychology, Behavior, Urbanism

Determinist Theory: predicts that the behaviors and characteristics that people show are mediated by â€Å"urbanism,† or example delinquency seem as a consequence due to the negative exposure to urban environments. Wirth's essay â€Å"Urbanism as a Way of Life† studied the social disorganization of the urban life also known as â€Å"community lost perspective.†Although Wirth argues that life in the city is goal oriented, anomic and segmented, other theories argue that â€Å"urbanism† does affects social behavior but there is not proof that â€Å"urbanism† causes mental health, and isolation (152-153). Compositional Theory: this theory examines multiple ways of urban life, it discusses the impact that â€Å"urbanism† has on kinship ethnicity, neighbor relations and occupation behaviors in urban areas. According to the theory the composition of the group is what matters , each area or every group have their own moral codes, and rules of behavior. Gans states that people are influence more by the nature of their community and/or group than by the density , size or heterogeneity , the Chicago School called this the :mosaic of social worlds.† This theory is similar to the subcultural theory (153-154). Subcultural theory: According to Fischer this theory attempts to deal with social problems and how relative is space is to individual actions and the value of their group. Fischer states that macro-structure of the urban society shapes the social world and forms subcultures (154). How do they (theories) help you understand the development of cities? The physical complex of a city will transformed the social constructions of a city. As a city grows so does the behavior of the citizens of such city. The constructors of cities usually promotes an open space whet... ...reality is that they were escaping from the city overpopulation, traffic congestion and problems such as poverty and crime. With the emergence of suburbia, the white affluent people benefited from the amenities that both the country and city offered them. Although things are changing from and people claimed that segregation has ended, there is still segregation of groups. I hope to see one day that there are no differences between social classes, races, ethnicity, or religions, I hope to see a world where every citizen has the same rights. A world where people do not have to die of hunger or because they did not have health care. To achieve that everyone has to get involved in the planning and development of cities, to build a more community oriented city where the beneficiaries are those who form the communities, and not the government or the big corporation.

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