Sunday, February 16, 2020

The strategic plan for NyShy Home Health Services Assignment

The strategic plan for NyShy Home Health Services - Assignment Example Moreover, the plan also has highlighted various organizational objectives including functional tactics, milestone tasks and implementations along with risk factors and their mitigating actions. Furthermore, the paper intends to highlight different challenging factors during the process of serving mentally challenged old age group people. Company Background, Organizational Mission, Vision, and Value Statements NyShy Home Health Services (NyShy) is well-known for associating the healthcare assistance services to the senior citizens above the age group of 50 years. The organization facilitates its intensive healthcare services for the people who are facing challenges in terms of behavioral and mental illness. The services of NyShy will be focused on providing homemaking assisting programs along with medical supports in a continual process for each person suffering from mental and behavioral ailments. ... The workforce of the organization will be associated with qualitative and interdisciplinary etiquettes in terms of serving each client under the operational process of NyShy. Organizational Mission, Vision, and Value Statements The mission, vision, and value statements of an organization encourage or draw its customers to be loyal towards the corporation for sustaining long-term commitment to be served by the products and/or services rendered by the company. Mission, vision and value statements can be considered as the major elements for the organization not only for the strategic plan purpose but they also enable to define the path that should be followed by the entire company. These also enable to provide a declaration of guiding principles for identifying the future steps that could be taken by the organization (Greer, 2012). An appropriate mission and vision statements along with effective value statement of an organization comprise encouraging aspects to increase the quality of the services that are rendered (McLeod, 2004). With this concern, the mission, vision and value of NyShy will be focused on transparent objectives for both the employees of the organization and its clients. The staff of the organization will be employed according to their quality and capability to serve the clients efficiently which reflects the enacted excellence of the mission, vision and value of NyShy. The mission, vision and value of NyShy is to deliver optimal healthcare service to each individual with extensive care from its workforce and the organization will also envision to be one of the leading healthcare service providers in offering community based mental healthcare programs/treatments. Moreover, the organization will be highly focused on the validation of mission, vision

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